The Wolves of Dullahan Series

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The Wolves of Dullahan, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Leigh O'Bannon comes from a long, distinguished, line of Irish who settled in Dullahan Hollow. The opportunity of a lifetime is offered to her after graduation to become the lead archeologist at a newly discovered Native American burial ground. Leigh quickly discovers all is not as it seems once she and her team reaches the site. Realizing she needs the expertise of another, Leigh enlists the aid of a renowned authority on Native American Tribes and Culture, Jon Two Feathers. The longer Leigh is at the site, the more she begins to realize that she is somehow strangely tied to the woman whose remains lie in the grave and the wolf who was buried with her. As the dig continues, Leigh begins to understand her place within the Hollow. The wolves who once inhabited the Hollow are returning and only Leigh with the aid of her friends and the creatures who once protected the Hollow can save them from destruction. 

Audio for this audiobook has been updated effective Oct., 4, 2018.  

©2011 Candace L Bowser (P)2018 Candace L Bowser
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