The Witchy Women of Coven Grove

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The Witching on the Wall Inhaltsangabe

The Seven Caves tourist attraction has been a safe haven for 20-year-old Bailey Robinson, that is until murder strikes a failing movie star in one of the Caves. The celebrity grew up in the town near the Seven Caves and was about to reveal the secret writings on their walls. But something murderous lurks within the Caves and Bailey is about to discover that she is one part of that secret.

Find out what happens as Bailey and her friends, Avery and Piper, discover that even a small town has a treasure trove of secrets, and some of them are magical, while others are sinister.

©2016 Constance Barker (P)2017 Constance Barker
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    Witching Your Life Away Titelbild
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    Witching You Wouldn't Go Titelbild
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    Witching for a Miracle Titelbild
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