The Whimsey Adventures

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Whimsey the Aristocratic Detective in the Case of the Notorious Nanny Inhaltsangabe

Whimsey, a disinherited young Lord, and his two friends are minding the office of England's greatest detective, Skipton Jack, in 1880s London. When there is an unexpected knock on the door, our reluctant heroes are put to the test, to solve a mystery and save the Mayfair children from the evil Nanny Nightshade, who will stop at nothing to receive a handsome ransom despite the many obstacles placed in her way.

Come join our heroes in a merry fast-paced romp throughout London, as Whimsey and Co. find their footing and embark on an adventure that will change all of their lives forever.

©2013 Jolie Shanoian (P)2017 Jolie Shanoian
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