The Vagabond Heart

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The Vagabond Heart: Part 1 Inhaltsangabe

This place, to Elnora, was like an open wound in her heart. A gaping, festering wound that would never quite heal. She had begun to question her own sanity. Why, after all these years spent away from the one place on earth she could think of that brought so many bad memories flooding back in, would she want to visit this place?  

Elnora Mendoza Warren was literally born on “the wrong side of the tracks”. To make matters worse, her father, a disgraced minister, drank to forget his fall from grace with God. Her mother stayed sober to remember, until the pain of her situation left her completely numb. 

Elnora, all alone except for her half-siblings, sought solace in the arms of strangers to fill the void. 

Until the local sheriff, Ben Carter, stepped in to console Elnora and her sister, Sonia, but with evil intentions in mind. After Sonia committed suicide, Elnora made it her mission to come back to her home town and expose the sheriff for what he really was.  

It was her mission in life; her destiny.

©2019 David Boyer (P)2019 David Boyer
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