The Susilauma Wolves

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Dear to My Hart Inhaltsangabe

Living on his family's farm, Susilauma, the youngest of many brothers and sisters, 25-year-old Riley Jacobson has a predictable and comfortable-if slightly chaotic-life. His older sisters tend to mom him almost to death, and he finds his solace in working on cars, not really considering the future beyond the next project. He's happy enough with the status quo, and though a mate would be nice, he's not really looking. Enter a cutie with big brown eyes who keeps popping up wherever Riley goes, and Riley just might be in trouble.  

The 19-year-old son of paranormal enthusiasts who classify themselves as vampire hunters, were-wolf killers, and ghost chasers, Quentin Williams struggles to hide what he really is so he doesn't end up the subject of his own family's paranormal blogging. As far as he knows they've never seen a single paranormal aside from him, and they don't even know he is one. However, there are problems: he's never alone (they live in a motorhome), he's spindly (if he met a vampire, he'd be toast), and he's asthmatic (running through musty houses and damp woods is an issue). The fact that his family do everything in their power to make his life miserable certainly doesn't make things easier.  

A chance encounter on a full moon night, and both Riley's and Quentin's lives will change forever. That is, if they live long enough. Some unexpected revelations turn their worlds upside down, and the whole Susilauma clan will have to pull together to save Quentin and Riley's mating-and their lives. Contains adult language, graphic descriptions of sex between male, brief instances of domestic abuse, and violence. The Susilauma Wolves stories contain the true mates trope.

©2018 Whit Valentine (P)2018 Whit Valentine
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