The Succubus Apprentice

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The Succubus Apprentice Inhaltsangabe

This book is a novel that combines the seven novellas that make up The Succubus Apprentice series as we prefer to serialize the novel before putting out the full book.

In this series Helen, a wise-ass redhead who became a succubus at the end of Succubus Journey must figure out what exactly that entails. Meanwhile a scholar who became a king goes on a war for books while his ogre mentor comes along for the ride. A supervillain assassin challenges a greater demon to a duel and humor and adventure abound. If you like Super Powereds by Drew Hayes, The Waldo Rabbit series, or Good Intentions by Elliot Kay, you will love The Succubus Apprentice.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction intended for a mature audience. All characters are over 18.

©2016 Amanda Lash (P)2017 Hyperbolic Productions
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