The Story of Dr. Kildare

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The Story of Dr. Kildare, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

In the postwar years, MGM adapted many of its movie properties for radio, and one of its most successful transfers was The Story of Dr. Kildare, starring Lew Ayers in the title role of Lionel Barrymore as his crusty, harrumphing mentor, Dr. Gillespie. As in the movies, the radio Kildare offers engrossing, well-produced medical melodramas revolving around the patients and staff at Blair Memorial Hospital.

Featured are a case of talented supporting players, including Ted Osborne as the sniffy hospital administrator Dr. Carough; Jane Webb as Nurse Mary Lamont; and Virginia Gregg as the eavesdropping Nurse Parker, called Nosy Parker by the ever cantankerous Dr. Gillespie. Also appearing are such radio stalwarts as William Conrad, Stacy Harris, and Jack Webb in this first volume of The Story of Dr. Kildare.

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