The Six

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The Six: Kristy Inhaltsangabe

Kristy Martin is 20-something, single, and living it up in Chicago. She has a crew of close girlfriends to keep her social calendar active and is celebrating finally securing employment in her chosen field. 

While always free-spirited, Kristy is getting tired of the revolving door - or, more accurately, bed - of random guys and failed dates and comes up with a plan to get her act together when it comes to the opposite sex. That idea is quickly shot down by her bestie Breely Laver and replaced with a bet she can’t refuse - a free trip to Paris with her yoga instructor BFF if she can go six months without sex. 

Enter charming, sexy, delicious Grey Grahl. Kristy tries to navigate a spicy new relationship without giving away her bet, while also dealing with an incredibly sensitive crisis at her job. Her first year as a full-time elementary school guidance counselor starts off with a devastating situation with a young student, and Kristy finds herself struggling to stay above water, in both her professional and personal lives. With her girlfriends as a support system, Kristy navigates troubled times at the school and agrees to come clean with Grey. 

This first book in a six-part girlfriend series introduces you to Kristy, Breely, Nora, Lauren, Tinsley, and Scarlett and takes listeners to six individual stories about relationships, career choices, personal conflicts, and the bonds of friendship.

©2018 Samantha March (P)2018 Samantha March
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