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The Darning Needle Dragon: A Tale of and by the Sisters M Inhaltsangabe

Sisters Milja and Marpessa long for a little more in life. Milja is stuck waiting hand and foot on her mother - who never leaves her bed - and counts the days until her father returns from war so that things will finally return to normal. Her younger sister Marapessa is spoiled by their mother, but also wishes she could go back to school and make friends. Until that day, the girls are stuck on the farm, tired, miserable and bored. Wishing for something, anything, to break the monotony of their lives outside the village of Broken Barrow, they soon discover you should always be careful of what you wish for. Particularly a pair of magical sisters who don't yet know that they are magical.

When a messenger with an important package for their mother goes missing, the girls are sent out to find him with a stick and a wooden spoon. Defenseless, they face a rampaging dragon and a power hungry warlord. Their one ally? A talking dragonfly. But the greatest peril they face is not to be found in the jaws of the monster, or in the glint of the warlord's sword, but in learning to harness their powers and finally trust one another.

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