The Seasons of Cherryvale

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Fresh Start Summer Inhaltsangabe

Grace is newly retired, and all she wants to do is clean those closets and tackle her to-do list. But the newly widowed Maggie's back in town, and someone has to befriend the crotchety gal. When Grace wants to volunteer as an extra for a movie shoot, Maggie proclaims she's not a fan of "Hollywood", and the town's peace turns upside down. Follow the fun when peaceful Cherryvale meets Hollywood, and Grace, the bike-riding, muffin-baking town organizer, has to choose between her quiet retirement and rescuing a friendship in danger.

With a touch of humor, a smattering of faith, and a glimpse at movie-making glamour, Fresh Start Summer introduces you to the folks living on The CherryPath, a unique artery that stitches lives together as one in heart and mind. You'll adore Cherryvale, where neighbors care, gardeners share, and God allows do-overs.

©2011 Beverly Nault (P)2013 Beverly Nault
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    Grace & Maggie Across the Pond Titelbild
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    Hearts Unlocked Titelbild
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    Spring Blossoms Titelbild
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    • The Seasons of Cherryvale, Book 7
    • Autor: Beverly Nault
    • Sprecher: Gail L Chaffee
    • Spieldauer: 1 Std. und 17 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 23.05.2017
    • Sprache: Englisch
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