The Sara Colson Trilogy

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Sara's Child Inhaltsangabe

WARNING: This audiobook contains scenes of a sexually explicit nature, and strong language throughout. Not suitable for purchase by under-18s.

Book 1 of the Sara Colson Trilogy

Sara Colson, a woman with a past: Her life was a lesson in torment, her death a nightmare of rape and torture. Catherine Colson was almost 10 when she witnessed her mother's terrifying death. The trauma of which robbed her of her voice and got her locked away in a psychiatric unit.

A troubled soul, Catherine is defensively hostile. At first glance she is rude and brash, but take the time to look beneath the surface and she is so much more.

Having grown up being called a freak due to her exceptional IQ and a photographic memory, Catherine has little self-worth and even less confidence. Except in her work - in that she takes great pride and works hard to achieve success. Her experiences of men have been brutal and terrifying, and so she dresses down to hide her femininity. Her lovely blonde hair is cut drastically short and she never wears 'girl clothes'.

A chance meeting at a client's office brings Catherine to the attention of Logan Sayers, and he is fascinated by her. Tall and broad, he plays prop-forward for a local rugby team and doesn't take crap from anyone - except Catherine. Sparks may fly between them but it all adds to the passion and the mystery that is Catherine Colson, Sara's child.

Susan Elle is an author with a very large family and strong ties to Cornwall. Family is central to everything she does. Writing is a passion, but family is her life. For the first time ever, this year she travelled on an actual plane and flew to another country - when she got back she kissed the ground and promised never to leave it again.

©2013 Susan Elle (P)2013 Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio Ltd
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