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Dying for a Duke Inhaltsangabe

Straightlaced, imperious, and morally rigid, Benedict Rutland - the darkly handsome earl of Rothay - gained his title too young. Responsible for a large family of younger siblings that his frivolous parents has brought to bankruptcy, his youth was spent clawing back the family fortunes. Now a man in his prime and financially secure, he is betrothed to a strict, sensible, and coolheaded woman who will never upset the balance of his life or disturb his emotions....   

But then Miss Skeffington-Fox arrives. Brought up solely by her rake of a stepfather, Benedict is scandalized by everything about the dashing miss. But as family members in line for the dukedom begin to die at an alarming rate, all fingers point at Benedict, and Miss Skeffington-Fox may be the only one who can save him.  

Review - "An Intriguing murder mystery and romance set in Regency-era England! Emma V. Leech is proving herself a superb author not only in the realm of fantasy and paranormal romance but also in regency romance and historical fiction and has sealed the deal with Dying for a Duke, adding a twisting plot with a good old fashioned whodunnit to the delight of this murder mystery fan. A definite must read for both historical fiction romance and murder mystery readers!" (Lady Bookapple Blog)

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