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The Mists of Niflheim Inhaltsangabe

"Oh, the men here worshipped him as a god. The god who had fought a jotunn, fought trolls, fought varulfurm, and won, time after time. Except when he didn't."

For nearly 5,000 years, the mists of Niflheim have enveloped Midgard. And in those mists, the chosen of Hel - the Niflungar - flourish while the rest of mankind hides behind the fragile protection of flames. But Odin has slain the Niflungar prince and rejected their princess, Gudrun, and now the sorceress queen of the Niflungar hunts him without mercy.

The queen has sent armies of trolls and draugar to destroy the Aesir. Despite Odin's rejection, Gudrun cannot deny that her heart longs for the Aesir king, but neither can she refuse her mother's command to hunt him down. And if Gudrun cannot win Odin back, her mother will turn all the unholy power of Hel against the Aesir.

This is a norse mythology and historical fantasy collide in book two of the Ragnarok Era.

Author's note:

The Mists of Niflheim is mythic fantasy set in an alternate version of Earth - a version in which the world is covered by the titular mists of the frozen realm of the dishonored dead. This harsh life naturally leads to a somewhat dark tale of Viking-like warriors and supernatural dangers.

For those curious, it takes place in the same world as my Skyfall Era books, albeit at a later time period.

I adore mythology from any culture: Hindu, Norse, Greek, all of them. Mythology helped shape the fantasy genre. And while lots of fantasies pull in aspects of mythology, I wanted to create something to reconcile all world mythologies into an epic fantasy whole.

And why should you give it a try? I'm writing what I'd like to hear: action, epic plots, larger-than-life characters, a bit of romance, swords, sorcery, dark deities, and twists. Sounds up your alley? Then you'll probably love this mythic world as much as I would.

©2015 Matt Larkin (P)2015 Matt Larkin
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