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"Your mission is to build an organization capable of dealing with men…Men who think they are above the law. Men who sow hatred and pain wherever they walk. Men who are evil."

That's the call to arms for Vance, Ice, Mitch, and Bishop, a team of highly trained operatives who've gone rogue and formed PRIMAL, a global vigilante unit. They protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and wage war against terrorism, all in the name of justice. Their first target: the wealthy CEO of a powerful corporation—and a die-hard jihadist supporter—scheming to exterminate Western influence in the United Arab Emirates. Our four warriors challenge his murderous ambitions, turning the dark arts of clandestine ops against a seemingly untouchable evil. Success gives them access to new resources and new targets, and within a matter of days they've brought a Russian mafia cartel to its knees.

Middle Eastern warmongers, insipid Russian mobsters, and all those who prey on the weak and helpless can rest assured: justice comes with a dose of fury when it's delivered by PRIMAL.

©2013 Jack Silkstone (P)2013 Brilliance Audio, all rights reserved.
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