The Point of It All

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The Point of It All, Volume 1 Inhaltsangabe

Meet Orchid, a goal-oriented good girl whose origins began in the hood. The very same hood she craves, but it's off limits to her after the death of her father, one of the state's biggest kingpins. Released from the reins her mother kept hold of, she finds her way back to the hood and is attracted to one of its most eligible ballers.

Demonte is every woman's wet dream: tall, dark, handsome, and paid. When he crosses paths with Orchid, he's determined to make her his. He eventually wears her down, and a one-of-a-kind love begins that doesn't go unnoticed. When jealousy, deception, and envy come into play, lives are lost, and the drama begins.

Having lost the love of her life, Orchid struggles with picking up the pieces of her heart and raising a son on her own. After years of living in solitude, she emerges bigger and badder than ever, ready to take on life. When she finally opens her heart and again lets love in, her past catches up with her and puts in jeopardy her happily ever after.

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