The Ourean Chronicles

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The Misanthrope: Stone's Story Inhaltsangabe

Before Stone trained Kara Magari or taught the First Vagabond to master the blood loyalty, he was nothing more than a slave boy named Terric.

Terric is a curious loner hellbent on reading his master's forbidden books. When one heist goes wrong, Terric abandons his old life and runs for freedom - only to fall prey to a ruthless man named Niccoli.

Niccoli is an isen - a creature of magic from the hidden world of Ourea - and he awakens within Terric an unimaginable gift. But this gift comes with a catch. Suddenly in control of newfound power he is forbidden to freely use, Terric realizes too late he simply traded one master for another.

In Ourea, a world dominated by the gifted, few isen dare defy their masters. Until now.

©2016 Sarah Montee (P)2016 Sarah Montee
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    The First Vagabond: Fall of a Legend Titelbild
    • The First Vagabond: Fall of a Legend

    • Autor: S.M. Boyce
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    The Demon: Deidre’s Story Titelbild
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