The Omega Department

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Omega Department and the Four Horsemen Inhaltsangabe

The Boltons give birth to a set of twin boys early in their marriage while just starting out in life. Fortune decides to bestow a second set of twins upon them a year later. Unable to financially raise four children they decide to put the second set of twins up for adoption.

The two sets of twins will mature and take their places in society, but circumstances are about to bring the four brothers together in a life-and-death confrontation.

The invention of a high-tech laser at the Omega Department is going to pit them against themselves, forcing them to deal with a dilemma.

Follow our four twins as they meet to do battle and then discover who each really is.

©2015 William H. Blair (P)2017 Bryan Jester
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    The Omega Department and the Terrorist's A-Bomb Titelbild
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    The Omega Department and the UFO Titelbild
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