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Jaylin and Nokea Rogers have been married for almost four years. Jaylin has finally tamed his womanizing ways, and they're happily raising their children together. Things couldn't be more perfect, until an unforgettable kiss from Nokea's past has her wondering what could - or should - have been. The tender kiss was placed on her lips by Jaylin's best friend, Shane, and when Nokea is forced to spend a night alone with him, the unthinkable happens.

No one seems willing to play by the rules - and that includes Jaylin. He's surrounded by many women willing to help him forget about Nokea's unfortunate affair. One woman in particular, Scorpio, is like poison. Back in the day, he couldn't get enough of her, and now that the road is rocky in Jaylin's marriage, Scorpio attempts to tiptoe back in.

After so many happy years together, who would have thought that Nokea and Jaylin would find themselves in this situation? Nokea knows she holds the key to her husband's heart, but after his numerous naughty nights, does she even want her key to fit? Just in case the marriage doesn't work out, she's making sure her pockets stay fat and full with all of Jaylin's money. He must be dreaming if he believes backsliding on their marriage will bear no consequences.

Essence best-selling author Brenda Hampton delivers the drama once again in the next installment of the Naughty series. Surely the law will be laid down, but it won't be over until Jaylin delivers the final word!

©2010 Brenda Hampton (P)2019 Blackstone Publishing and Urban Audiobooks
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    Naughty: Two's Enough, Three's a Crowd Titelbild
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    Naughty 2: My Way or the Highway Titelbild
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    Naughty 3: It's Juicy, No Matter How You Slice It Titelbild
    • Naughty 3: It's Juicy, No Matter How You Slice It

    • Autor: Brenda Hampton
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    Naughty by Nature Titelbild
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    Too Naughty Titelbild
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    Jaylin's World Titelbild
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