The Nameless Dwarf

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Birth of the Nameless Dwarf Inhaltsangabe

As a storm rages above the ravine city of Arx Gravis, a woman goes into labor. But she is no ordinary woman. She is Yyalla Thane, descended from the dwarf lords of old, and her child will fulfill a prophecy of hope and doom.

Birth of the Nameless Dwarf is a short story introduction to the saga of the Nameless Dwarf by international best-selling author, D.P. Prior.

If you enjoy this taster, please take the plunge into the entire series (recommended reading order below):

  1. A Dwarf With No Name
  2. Axe of the Dwarf Lords 
  3. The Scout and the Serpent
  4. The Ebon Staff
  5. Bane of the Liche Lord
  6. Return of the Dwarf Lords


  1. Carnifex
  2. Geas of the Black Axe
©2018 D.P. Prior (P)2018 D.P. Prior
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