The Mediocracy Trilogy

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The Mediocracy Inhaltsangabe

It takes extraordinary humans to colonize an alien planet.

The new human colony on the planet Pollux 4 is a disaster. Barry, a new arrival to the planet, suspects the leadership is to blame. Mismanagement is rampant amongst the entrenched leadership clique. Something is drastically wrong with the way the colony was assembled.

Persecuted as malcontents by the governing body, who see them as a threat to their positions, privileges and especially their egos, Barry and his fellow dissenters have to escape this rule by the mediocre. They decide to leave the main colony and brave the hazards of the newly terraformed, alien planet on their own.

An action adventure and an exploration of an alien world.

Adult language and situations.

©2013 Robert F. Hays (P)2016 Robert F. Hays
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