The Mechanics of Love

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The Only Way to Live Inhaltsangabe

Flirting with his friend’s father was supposed to be just fun and games for Derek, but what happens when teasing leads to unexpected questions and some surprising curiosity?

Derek has known the unflappable Sean for years, and nothing ever gets a reaction out of the attractive older man. Nothing, that is, until Derek senses some unexpected curiosity from the man he always thought was straight. But who better than an adventurous switch to help Sean explore his wild side?

Sean knows better than to take Derek’s teasing seriously. There’s a reason he’s always called the impetuous younger man “the pest”. But when Derek’s playful banter leads to some interesting reactions, Sean has to decide what’s more important - hiding behind what he’s always assumed or finally getting to discover who he really was all along.

The story contains m/m sexual content, playful use of the term daddy, BDSM elements, spanking, a mischievous switch, a fun adult toy store, and a man who always thought he was straight.

Author’s note: There is no age play in this book, although Derek loves to drive Sean crazy about their age difference.

©2020 M.A. Innes (P)2020 Shaw Montgomery
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