The Magical Murphy Farm

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Brooke and the Magical Spectacles Inhaltsangabe

This story is the first in the Magical Murphy Farm series. The Murphy Family Farm is an enchanted farm that owes much of its success to an agreement made between the Murphys and the Fairy Folk over a century ago in Ireland.

With over a hundred acres of farm land, the fairies and enchanted creatures work together to help the Murphy Family keep the farm prosperous enough to be generous to the community. The fairy folk call the Murphy Farm Lismore Baile, their words for "Bountiful Home."

The wondrous world of Lismore Baile awaits!

In this first book, young Brooke Murphy enjoys life living on a her family's centennial farm. The Murphy Family Farm has prospered for over a century, producing better than any farm in the area. Life on a farm couldn't be better for Brooke and her animal friends. One day, she decides to go for a walk in her mother's elaborate garden. On her way there, she finds some magical spectacles that allow her to see fairy folk and magical creatures. Brooke becomes more and more excited during her adventure while learning about the inner workings of the farm she calls home.

As she ventures down the hidden path of the garden, she greets the enchanted people of Lismore Baile, a magical realm where fantasy meets reality and the two work together to bring in the harvest. Brooke is given an errand by one of the fairies, one that she has to get done before bed time.

Some of the characters she meets include the flower fairies Marigold and Violet. Aurora is another fairy that Brooke meets along the way. Aurora helps keep the farm warm with some special help from her friend Fireglide (a volcano dragon). Everyone has something to do to keep the Murphy Farm thriving, including Brooke.

©2012 Patricia Arnold (P)2014 Patricia Arnold
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