The Mage Republic

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A Time of Magic and Blood Inhaltsangabe

Prepare yourself for a fantasy adventure series full of intrigue and betrayal much like Game of Thrones... but with mages.

Prepare to enter a Time of Magic and Blood.

For the last one thousand years, the land has been ruled by a council of mages. Despite the peace, people across the land the people have grown tired of magic and are suspicious of those who practice it. There are rumors that the heir to a long-dead bloodline is returning to power and intends to destroy the ruling Mage Council and stamp out all magic.

Lady Alana, daughter to the arch-mage, is haunted by visions of a conquering army, powerful beasts, and destruction of her world. She must prevent these visions from becoming a reality, as she encounters prejudice, wary alliances, and a crushing betrayal while she learns to harness her own magic powers.

©2019 Alberto Pupo (P)2020 Alberto Pupo
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