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Dragon in the Needles Inhaltsangabe

Thirteen years ago Oliver's father died in a battle against Red Line, the nasty dragon that plagued Aardland. Oliver has since grown into a very large man with little ambition, earning him a new name: The Lump. When Flynn, a glory seeking adventurer, and Meena, a mysterious foreign girl, arrive with news that Red Line has stirred once again, the Lump finds himself reluctantly embroiled in a quest to defeat the dragon. Their journey becomes as dangerous as the dragon when the party is attacked by beasts, brigands and an abbot named Costello. Against all odds, the Lump actually grows fond of his fellow travelers and learns that there is more to them than meets the eye. Will the acquisition of secret knowledge from a hidden tome be enough to conquer the dragon, or will the Lump meet the same fate that befell his father?

©2017 Bruce Leslie (P)2017 Russell Fry
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