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In a divided nation, a sharpshooter with nothing to lose can change the course of history....

Missouri, 1862. Rob Finn has a lot of Confederate blood on his hands. From his humble origins as an Irish immigrant farmer, Rob rose through the ranks to become a special operations sniper with the nickname "Longshot". But even he was powerless to stop the war from stealing the lives of his wife and children....

This award-winning and Amazon best-selling series includes Bridget's Story (prequel), Longshot in Missouri (book one), Longshot into the West (book two), Longshot from Darkness (book three).This set is the saga of Rob Finn and his family during the first three years of the US Civil War. Rob is a soldier, assassin, and spy working for the Pinkerton Agency in the Western US states and territories.

Loaded with real historical events and persons, author Keith R. Baker intertwines fictional stories and characters with real events and characters for historically accurate entertainment. Uplifting and satisfying literature for fans of history and the US Civil War era.

Get your set today and let the adventure begin!

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    • A Hidden Part of the Civil War Affects lives, Property, & Nation's futures
    • Autor: Keith R. Baker
    • Sprecher: A.W. Miller
    • Spieldauer: 5 Std. und 45 Min.
    • Erscheinungsdatum: 19.10.2016
    • Sprache: Englisch
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