The Locust Fields

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No one, on that warm summer's day, could have foretold the orgy of wanton death and destruction, which was set on a collision course towards the peaceful kingdom of Mercia. A small group; thrown together through fate. Tagan, a Prince of Mercia, Mortimer, an old man who has the look of a wizard, Faith, a fairy, Aaron and Tim, two brothers who look completely unlike each other, and Death, a spirit who's help seemed to be conditional. These are all that stand between the earth's survival and the ravishes of lizard like creatures who's only function is to destroy. Slowly the group begin to find away to fight back. Joining with others; who have skills and knowledge, they fight for the survival of civilisation. This new alliances; struggle with setbacks but take the fight towards the Destroyer and its army of creatures. But are they too late?

©2017 Paul Davies (P)2017 Paul Davies
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