The Lions of Judah Series

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Heart of a Lion Inhaltsangabe

The world is spiraling toward destruction, and one man receives a divine mandate.

Young Noah has found life good and wholesome, until he steps outside his village and discovers a world of temptation. Drawn by a beautiful woman yet repulsed by the pagan practices of her tribe's dark worship, his inner struggle keeps him in torment. Noah strains to hear the voice of God: through the warnings of a prophet, through the kind teachings of his grandfather Methuselah, through the loving concern of his family, and ultimately, through personal confrontation. The message he receives is terrifying. Will he find the courage to obey?

Opposition intensifies to the call he has received, but a precious medallion handed down from ancient times reminds him who he is: a man with a heart of a lion.

©2003 Gilbert Morris (P)2003 Blackstone Audio, Inc.
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    No Woman So Fair Titelbild
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    The Gate of Heaven Titelbild
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    Till Shiloh Comes Titelbild
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    By Way of the Wilderness Titelbild
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    Daughter of Deliverance Titelbild
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