The Last Nephilim

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Is it possible that the mythical gods of polytheistic Greece, Egypt, Assyria, etc. were actual people that lived shortly after the flood of Noah? The Last Nephilim is a work of historical fiction based upon the first chapters of the book of Genesis and several ancient apocryphal texts. The Bible presents the sons of Noah as monotheistic followers of the God of the universe. So how did their grandchildren end up reigning over polytheistic empires? What happened? This story presents the Nephilim of Genesis chapter six as gifted giants that essentially promoted worship of themselves as deities to post-flood human populations.

The Bible asserts that monotheism was before polytheism, but there is no clear explanation as to why polytheism became so prevalent such a short time after the flood. This audiobook describes one possible explanation as to what may have occurred to have resulted in the explosion of polytheism. Written in a beautiful, scholarly fashion. This is refined, provocative look at events in history.

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    • The Last Nephilim, Book 2
    • Autor: William Guy
    • Sprecher: Adam McLaughlin
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