The Juliette Society

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Before we go any further, let's get this out of the way. I want you to do three things for me.

One. Do not be offended by anything you read beyond this point.

Two. Leave your inhibitions at the door.

Three, and most important. Everything you see and hear from now on must remain between us....

Catherine, a film student whose sexuality has been recently stirred, finds herself drawn into a secret club where the world's most powerful people meet to explore their deepest, often darkest sexual fantasies. But even as these new experiences open intense new pleasures for Catherine, they also threaten everything she holds dear.

Let Sasha Grey take you inside a private, high-profile sex society where anything and everything can happen.

©2013 Sasha Grey (P)2013 Hachette Audio
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    The Juliette Society, Book 2 Titelbild
    • The Juliette Society, Book 2

    • The Janus Chamber
    • Autor: Sasha Grey
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    The Mismade Girl Titelbild
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