The Forgotten Empire

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Earth Ascendant Inhaltsangabe

From USA Today best-selling author Raymond L. Weil comes the second book in a new military science fiction series.

The war between the seven alien races of the Confederation and Earth heats up as the two come into direct conflict over the former Human Empire. The people or Earth are determined to free it, and the Confederation is determined to keep it under their strict control.

Fleets meet in combat as the fate of worlds is decided. Earth is hopelessly outmatched as the Confederation controls thousands of inhabited planets. Their resources seem almost unlimited, and Earth only has the Solar System.

In a surprise move, Captain Derrick Masters makes a daring foray into Federation space to discover any Confederation weaknesses and uncovers a horrifying secret. For over a thousand years, the Federation has been conscripting young humans from the empire to use as slaves.

In a dangerous gambit, he manages to learn the fate of those humans. Realizing the only hope Earth has is to bring the former Human Empire into the war, Earth launches a massive attack to free the empire. If they fail, then Earth itself will become a slave world of the Confederation.

©2020 Raymond L. Weil (P)2020 Raymond L. Weil
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