The Fixer (Tucker)

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The Fixer Inhaltsangabe

The call me the Fixer. I repair things.

I’m usually a very easy going guy, believe it or not. But if you mess with me - or anyone I love, God forbid - I can be the nightmare you never want to have. I can haunt you in the midnight and come after you with an upraised scythe like the Grim Reaper. I can reach out and touch you no matter where you hide, whether you are a pedophile priest or a drug dealer or a wife beater or even the President of the United States. I can find out what books you read, what porn movies you rent, your favorite brand of liquor, or the dosing schedule for your Prozac prescription.

I’m the Devil, and I’m God. I am the guy who can sign your hall passes from Purgatory. I smile a dark smile when you nervously try to convince yourself that I won’t find you. I am the nightmare that walks and talks and will always be there when you wake up.

I am the baddest Billy-Bad-Ass on the block. I’m the HHIC - Head Honcho in Charge.

And I repair things. That’s why they call me the Fixer.

©2017 Brian Lee Tucker (P)2017 Brian Lee Tucker
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