The Fearless

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The Forest Bull Inhaltsangabe

Three lovers. Two demons. One mystery.

When a shadowy Baron asks three fearless demon hunters to find a lost collection of jewelry, little do they know that the gems might be owned by the daughter of Satan himself.

Their hunt leads into the distant past for clues about a lost woman who leaves a trail of destruction wherever she goes. Beautiful, deadly, and immortal, she moves through the world making chaos and converting humans to the ranks of evil.

But not all of her converts are happy, and an ancient succubus will side with the hunters, making the search for Elizabeth a race against time as the bodies pile up under the Florida sun.

If they lose, they'll serve Elizabeth for eternity. If the hunters are smart, they might live, and if they're lucky, they might even win.

Come stalk the night with the fearless.

©2015 Terry Maggert (P)2013 Terry Maggert
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