The Fallen Angel Trilogy (Loraine)

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The Fallen Angel Trilogy Inhaltsangabe

Thousands of years ago, I fell from heaven to love a human woman. I willingly gave up my wings; shunned my place in heaven because she was all I needed. Then I lost everything.   

Forced to live on inside the body of a vampire, I searched for her, knowing she'd return to me in another life. But I finally gave up hope of finding my love, as so many of my fallen brothers had also done. I went dormant; gave over control to my vampire host, Galen - until Reese woke me, and my search began again.  

My soul mate is here, somewhere, waiting for me to find her and claim her. 

But heaven and hell are on the edge of war, and I'm the only one who can stop it.  

This is a boxed set of the complete Fallen Angel trilogy. Contents include:  

  • Waking the Watcher (Audiobook one)  
  • Denying the Watcher (Audiobook two)  
  • Releasing the Watcher (Audiobook three)  
  • Plus exclusive bonus content.
©2018 Kim Loraine (P)2018 Kim Loraine
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