The End of the World

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Survive the Collapse Inhaltsangabe

How far would you go to keep yourself alive? 

Society has been on the brink of collapse for a long time. Only a few knew it. 

When the collapse comes, everyone will be in the same boat. Those who'd prepared quickly find that circumstances aren't what they thought they'd be. 

And those who are completely unprepared...well, they're going to have to learn fast. 

Jake's a regular guy with a regular job. The only thing different about him is that he's observant. Clever. Smart, but not in the test-taking kind of way. Sometime he'll notice what others don't. 

Will Jake be able to figure his way out of this one? 

When the lights go out, Jake's going to really have to think on his feet. After all, his fiance is miles away, and she's not exactly what one would call prepared. 

Survive the Collapse is a post-apocalyptic EMP thriller. It's book one in the End of the World series.

©2020 Clyde McDonald (P)2020 Clyde McDonald
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