The Eatons

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Bittersweet Love Inhaltsangabe

For generations the Eatons have been dedicated to teaching others. Now siblings Belinda, Myles, and Chandra are about to get some sexy, surprising lessons in love.

Lesson 1: Love arrives when you least expect it.

Belinda Eaton is dedicated to her job as a history teacher in one of Philadelphia’smost challenging high schools. Committing to a man, however, is not exactly onher agenda. Then a tragedy brings her closer to gorgeous attorney Griffin Rice,and they have to share custody of their twin goddaughters.

Griffin never sawhimself as husband or father material, but suddenly family vacations and Sundaydinners with the girls are the highlight of his schedule—and getting closer totheir smart, intriguing godmother is his number one priority. Can he teach herthat their partnership has turned into a loving relationship powerful enough tolast?

©2009 Rochelle Alers (P)2013 Blackstone Publishing, and Urban Audiobooks
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