The Dying & The Dead Series

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The Dying & The Dead, Book 1 Inhaltsangabe

When people started eating each other, the government sent guns. 

When the virus became airborne, they sent masks. 

When it spread beyond their control, they gave up. 

And when they found those who were immune, they hunted them. 

Years after the virus claimed the mainland, the Capita seized power. They offer safety from the infection, and all they ask in return is your freedom. All they want is unswerving loyalty. All you have to give them is everything that makes you human. 

Bounty hunters pursue the immune so they can sell their flesh. The Resistance conspires against the totalitarian regime. Isolated islands discover the horrors of the infection for the first time. Survivors, killers, protectors, and pursuers, all try to survive in a world spiraling into hell.

©2016, 2018 Jack Lewis (P)2018 Jack Lewis
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