The Dawning of Superheroes

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The Dawning of Superheroes Boxed Set Inhaltsangabe

She will defy a future written in stone.

In 1943, Eleanor sees fragments of the future, but despite her efforts, she can’t alter destiny. Orphaned as a girl, she believes the visions are a curse created by the Devil. As a young woman, she has made peace with watching atrocities unfold twice. But, when she finds a grifter with the ability to hear her thoughts, she realizes she is not alone. Those with gifts are being murdered. 

Eleanor tempts fate and sets out to stop a mysterious serial killer hunting the streets of New York City. But, in her quest to protect those with similar gifts, Eleanor discovers something darker than bloodlust living in the souls of men. To be victorious, she only needs to unwrite the future.

Fans of urban fantasy, superheroes, and bold kick-ass women will fall in love with Eleanor as she ushers in the Rise of Superheroes. This boxed set trilogy includes: Awaken the Daughter, Anoint the Daughter, and Ascend the Daughter.

©2021 Jeremy Flagg (P)2021 Jeremy Flagg
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