The Criminogenic Trilogy

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A bold & frightening look at our future from author B.T. Murphy

What if technology continues to grow exponentially? What if that technology could analyze behavior patterns in humans? What if we could capture the behavior patterns of every human being on the planet and analyze that data? What if we could use those patterns - along with a concerted effort by the army and police - to round up every criminal who was committing a crime? Wouldn't that provide us with a safe environment to raise our families? What if we could dig even deeper into the data and even predict the likelihood that someone would eventually commit those crimes and round those people up as well? What if we could create the safest, most crime-free environment in human history?

What if we were wrong?

BT Murphy brings you her new thrilling dystopian thriller, book one in the Criminogenic Trilogy. Follow Peter Ronin, the meek professor who is fairly convinced the system works, but perhaps it is not foolproof and meet Giselle Harmon, the "spirited" girl in his class who starts him thinking about the Denunciation Act Enforcers and what they stand for.

The future is coming and it doesn't look good...

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