The Covenant of Shadows

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The Covenant of Shadows Collection Inhaltsangabe

Would you steal life to save your own?

When magic awakens, making its claim on her humanity, Gabrian loses control of her life and nearly her mind as she becomes a danger to everyone around her. The reality of the world she knows is torn apart.

Stubborn and hell-bent on getting her life back, Gabrian makes a deal with a smooth-tongued devil who claims he can help her regain control. But she soon learns the cost might be higher than she could ever imagine.

Grey, Calico, and Silver are the first books in The Covenant of Shadows series of captivating urban fantasy novels. If you like The Mortal Instruments, The Twilight Saga, or A Discovery of Witches, then you might just fall in love with Kade Cook's supernatural journeys.

One-click now to summon the audiobook today. Welcome to the Shadows...where things aren't as farfetched as they may seem.

Warning: May contain hours of unstable magic, supernaturals, and vampires.

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