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Colt Coltrane and the Lotus Killer Inhaltsangabe

"This city gets to a man. Maybe it's all the busted dreams and the way they seep into the pavement like acid rain, bleaching the color out of things...."

It's 1947, and the streets are filthy with grease and empty promises. Private detective Colt Coltrane and his robot sidekick Petey troll the city for cheaters and deadbeats while angering the mob. It's all business as usual until a mysterious Japanese woman asks him to look into a string of grisly murders along the LA River, where the only trace the killer leaves behind is a single white lotus flower. But there's far more to this dame than meets the eye, and Colt's quest to find the Lotus Killer soon leads him to shocking and terrifying secrets lurking beneath Los Angeles. A pulpy mix of science fiction and hard-boiled mystery, with brilliant narration by Chase Bradley, Colt Coltrane and the Lotus Killer is a non-stop thrill.

©2013 Allison M Dickson (P)2016 Allison M. Dickson
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