The Brooklyn Book Boyfriends

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Rebound with Me Inhaltsangabe

“Just give me the summer. You can go back to playing it safe with boring men in September.” 

There are bad ideas and there are good bad ideas. 

My former fiancé banging a nanny - that was a bad idea. 

A good girl having her first ever one-night stand with the hot former bad boy she just met after being dumped?

Bad idea.

When I find out that the nanny's ex-boyfriend is looking for revenge, I should run - far away. But I don’t...because rebounding with Vince is the most awesome bad idea ever. 

Do I want to help him get back at our exes in this way?  

Oh. Hell. Yes.  

I want him to get back at my ex hard. With wild abandon. All night long.  

That awesome bad idea leads to the best summer of my life with Vince Devlin - the best guy I’ve ever met. 

If only we could make this hot summer fling last forever....

©2018 Kayley Loring (P)2020 Kayley Loring
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