The Book of Dragons

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The Book of Dragons Inhaltsangabe

First published in 1900, The Book Of Dragons is one of Edith Nesbit's best loved and most inventive children’s books. Her heroes and heroines are children faced unexpectedly with real live dragons, which are fiery, fierce, ravenous, irritating, grumpy, furry and even gifted cooks! They appear from caves, from the pages of a magical book, at the North Pole or from mysterious dungeons where nobody dares enter. Her stories are superbly written and surprise and delight at every turn. Absolutely riveting.

  • I. The Book of Beasts
  • II. Uncle James, or The Purple Stranger
  • III. The Deliverers of Their Country
  • IV. The Ice Dragon, or Do as You Are Told
  • V. The Island of the Nine Whirlpools
  • VI. The Dragon Tamers
  • VII. The Fiery Dragon, or The Heart of Stone and the Heart of Gold
  • VIII. Kind Little Edmund, or The Caves and the Cockatrice

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