The Bloody Exploits of Vela Mara

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City of Ire: Steel Your Soul Inhaltsangabe

Steel your Soul for a Relentless Femme Fatale Fantasy

Enter the macabre, wasted world through the dutiful black eyes of Vela Mara and her sisterhood of sworn soldiers. Their vendetta will take them far beyond the pale, to lands they have only dreamed of in their wildest nightmares. With a whole battalion at their backs, they launch a slash-and-burn campaign, waging a revenge-driven war against an accursed force of insanity. Witness their strife to drive the living atrocities back to the very depths of eldritch horror. An epic adventure awaits all those who dare enter the City of Ire.

©2013 Jack A. Pewitt (P)2015 Amber Lee Connors
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