The "Bishop" Special Crimes Unit

20 Titel in dieser Serie
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Psychics at the FBI? Noah Bishop has a challenging job as head of the Special Crimes Unit of paranormal profilers.

Imagine possessing the ability to identify the precise location of missing people—or to see inside the minds of serial killers as they plan their crimes. Within the FBI, there exists a team of crack profilers and investigators with such astounding and highly valuable paranormal gifts. One of the gifted, Noah Bishop heads the FBI Special Crimes Unit. Tapping their psychic powers, these extraordinary agents—men and women from a variety of backgrounds and with a variety of uncanny talents—close in on kidnappers, track down escaped felons, stop murderers, and put their lives in peril, all while keeping a low profile. After all, the FBI is also home to skeptics—and Bishop has a way of operating outside of legal boundaries.

Joyce Bean, narrator for most of the “Bishop” thrillers, transports listeners into another mystery-solving dimension. The Audie and Earphones Award winner takes listeners inside the FBI Special Crimes Unit and along on each unnerving case, increasing her vocal intensity as the mystery and danger builds. What’s more, she offers an array of voices that range from demure to sassy, rough to chilling, making it easy for the listener to distinguish each member of Bishop’s gifted team and all the characters in the drama. Alyssa Bresnahan, dynamic narrator and actress, also performs installments in the series, deftly capturing the psychological tension, mounting suspense, and eerie elements.

In addition to her best-selling and award-winning “Bishop” series, Kay Hooper is the author of dozens of novels of suspense, intrigue, and passion. Her first book was a Regency romance. Although it’s always been the way she’s earned her living, she doesn’t consider being a writer her job; she describes writing as her “superpower.” Her second vocation in life is animal rescue, and she considers herself both a cat and a dog person.

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