The Ballerina Academy

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The Quarterback and the Ballerina Inhaltsangabe

He thought he knew what he wanted. Turns out, all he wanted was her. 


I’d kill to be the kind of dancer my mom wants me to be, but it’s just not in the cards. 

I’m sick of dieting. I'll never fit into the perfect ballerina mold, and I’m tired of wishing that I could. 

I’m over it. I’m done trying. I’m perfectly content to dance alone in the dark while the rest of the school is sleeping. 


Coach says our football team needs discipline. That dancing alongside a bunch of prissy prima donnas is how we’ll learn our lesson. 

Only problem? 

I don’t have time for ballet. Not when I’m busting my butt to be the star quarterback, the dutiful son, and the perfect student - all, so I can achieve my father’s dream. 

When I meet Collette, I can’t help but take notice. She’s a vision of grace and beauty all wrapped up in snark and sass. And she helps me see that my own dreams aren’t so stupid, after all. 

I just wish she could see that in herself. But when I try to bring her out into the light, I can feel her slipping away. Her walls are built up so high, I fear they’ll never come down. I want to love her like she deserves, but that’s just the problem. She doesn’t believe she deserves it...

©2020 Anne-Maire Meyer & Maggie Dallen (P)2020 Anne-Marie Meyer & Maggie Dallen
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