The American Revolution

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Igniting the American Revolution Inhaltsangabe

Few Americans know that the Revolutionary War did not begin with the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, but over a year earlier, in April 1775. Now historian Derek Beck draws on previously unpublished documents to tell the full story of the war before American independence - from both sides.

Spanning the years 1773 to 1776, this audiobook sweeps listeners from the Boston Tea Party to the halls of Parliament - where Ben Franklin was almost run out of England for pleading on behalf of the colonies - to the fateful expedition to Concord that resulted in the shot heard round the world. Vividly detailed and meticulously researched, this captivating history reveals in a new light the perspectives and events that altered the futures of not only England and America but the whole world.

©2015 Derek W. Beck (P)2015 Recorded Books
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