The Aldoran Chronicles

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The White Tower Inhaltsangabe

New second edition, completely re-performed by Tim Gerard Reynolds!

Winner - National IE Award for Fantasy
Winner - Readers Favorite for Epic Fantasy
Winner - Beverly Hill Award for Epic Fantasy
RunnerUp - Kindle Book Awards for Fantasy

For a thousand years, magic has been banished throughout the Five Kingdoms, and those wielding it brought to justice.

However, magic can never truly be destroyed.

For the Jun'ri, the White Tower is a bastion of hope against this great evil. Its sole purpose is to hunt down those with magic and see them brought to a swift end.

But for those of the Ven'ae unfortunate enough to born with these gifts, the White Tower stands for something else. Something dark. Something deadly. And as magic begins to once again seep back into the land, those born with it are forced to make a decision:

Will they run?
Will they hide?
Or will they fight?

Grab the first installment in this new epic fantasy, coming-of-age series, filled with magic and monsters, sword and sorcery, heroes, villains, and those in between.

©2016 Michael Wisehart (P)2017 Podium Publishing
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