The Alderman James Mystery Thriller Series

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The Dolocher Inhaltsangabe

A string of grisly murders... A scared and superstitious populace... An investigator desperate for redemption... 

When murders in the poverty-stricken Liberties begin to be credited to a savage dark beast with the soul of a recently deceased serial killer, Alderman James knows he must take on the case. He sees an all too human hand at work and is determined to win over the people he once let down so badly. 

With only the duplicitous and deceitful Hellfire Club member, Mr. Edwards, for assistance, James ventures out in the cold, snowy streets in search of the true killer. Can he solve the case and redeem himself once and for all? Or will the fear and anger in the streets finally boil over into chaos?  

If you like serial killer and detective stories in a historical setting, you'll love this book.

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©2014 Rory McNeill (P)2020 Rory McNeill
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