The Adventures of Zelda Richardson

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Down and Out in Kathmandu: A Backpacker Mystery Inhaltsangabe

Zelda wants to teach children English and “find herself” in Kathmandu. Ian wants to get stoned and trek the Himalayas. Tommy wants to get rich by smuggling diamonds. How their stories collide will leave you on the edge of your seat!

Travel from the dusty, tout-filled streets and holy sites of Nepal to the sultry metropolises and picture-perfect beaches of Thailand, as Zelda and Ian try to outsmart the smugglers and escape Asia alive.

This fast-paced, thrilling travel mystery set in Nepal and Thailand is sure to captivate listeners thirsty for some armchair adventure. Down and Out in Kathmandu is the perfect book for lovers of dark comedy, backpacker fiction, and (mis)adventure novels.

This novel is a prequel to the art history mysteries Zelda Richardson gets involved with later in this series. All four mysteries in the Adventures of Zelda Richardson series are stand-alone novels and can be listened to in any order.

©2015 Jennifer S. Alderson (P)2019 Jennifer S. Alderson
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