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Never a $7 Whore: My Journey from a Lady of the Night to the Lady of the Boardroom Inhaltsangabe

She was a would-be teenage prostitute. Now she’s a Fortune Fifty VP. Discover the story of a woman who defied the odds to build her American Dream. 

Toni Crowe lives life one day at a time. As she faces teen motherhood, an abusive lover, and Chicago's inner city, she refuses to become yet another statistic. With poverty all around her, Toni finds more than prosperity: she fights her way from the streets to the penthouse suite. 

During her journey from single mom to Fortune Fifty Vice President, Toni gained hard-earned wisdom sure to inspire you to new heights. If she can make it from the bottom to the very top of the corporate ladder, then you can absolutely take what she learned to start your own incredible ascent right now. 

Never a $7 Whore is a heartfelt memoir that will light a fire in your soul. If you like inspiring women, bootstrap success stories, and determination in the face of disaster, then you’ll love Toni Crowe’s motivational autobiography. 

©2018 Toni C rowe (P)2018 Toni crowe
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